AILIA Group, located at Putian City, Fujian Province and founded in 1996, is a large enterprise group that integrates research and development related to the production and sales of shoes and clothing as well as other international trade of electronic products, fishing gear, bags and luggage, and accessories. The group has three subordinate business divisions: the Manufacturing Department, Trade Division and Overseas Department. With the help of its three correlative business divisions, depending on marketing and procurement supply chains throughout the world, the group has been engaged in producing shoes, clothing, luggage, soles, accessories, electronic products, fishing gear, etc., on a basis of 28 production lines in five shoe factories in total.

  AILIA Group has always adhered to the concept of internationalization and using a high-tech strategy that is based on good faith. For many years, the group has introduced many types of advanced technology and equipment, established a scientific research building that covers an area of more than 5,000 m2, and attracted a wide variety of excellent management and technically talented personnel both at home and abroad to develop its own Product Development Center. The group has created a first-class international brand by strictly implementing 6S management (6S: SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE and SECURITY) and has been certified in standardized management systems (ISO9000, ISO14000 and OHSAS18000). It has taken innovation as the leading motivational factor, quality as the basis of its business, and century enterprise as its purpose.

  The Manufacturing Department and Product Development Center cover a total area of 500 mu (1 mu = 666.67 m2), having 5,000 employees working in factory buildings as well as research and development institutions with a floor area of 300,000 m2. There are 28 production lines only for sports shoes, which can produce more than 28 million pairs of sports shoes of various kinds annually.

  The Trade Division has established branches and offices in Putian, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shishi and Jinjiang. Apart from managing products produced by the Manufacturing Department, the Trade Division has also promoted products made in China in international markets by taking advantages of China’s manufacturing industry and the Overseas Department.

  The Overseas Department has established 11 branches and offices in Brazil, Chila, Europe, and the Middle East, selling products produced by the Manufacturing Department and managed by the Trade Division around the world.

  Subsidiary companies of the group have been awarded with honorary titles, such as “Fujian Province Star Overseas Chinese Venture,” “Fujian Province Harmonious Enterprise of Labor Relations,” “Honest Taxpayer,” “Major Taxpayer,” and “Top Ten Municipal Integrity Units.” The company owns several brands including KNUP, GRASEP and I-RUN. KNUP has had the honor to win titles of “Fujian Province Famous Brand” and “Fujian Brand Products.”

  AILIA Group has put more emphasis on environmentally sound construction and the culturally sensitive development of enterprises while attaching great importance to enterprise development. At present, all enterprises of the group have had modern environments for production facilities, official businesses and accommodations. Within factories, there are green trees in the landscaping and complete activity facilities for the benefit of the employees. Employees enjoy a very rich spare-time cultural life. The concept of “love enterprises, contribute to enterprises and achieve successful careers” has already become the common wish of all people in AILIA Group. In the future, AILIA will become internationalized, high-tech and informationized.