My fellow friends:


Time flies. In a blink of an eye, twenty years have passed since the founding of AILIA. The passing of time witnessed a great change to the world. During the past years, the staff of AILIA have traveled across the oceans and promoted products made in China across the world and initially began to exploit overseas markets. Embracing the gratitude to our country, we returned to China and made investments in our hometown. AILIA has become a shoemaking enterprise group in Putian, with the largest scale, most extensive channels and most diversified categories of shoe products. Looking back the journey we have traveled, we have marched forward regardless of hardships and difficulties. As a private enterprise, AILIA has enjoyed the joys of success and also experienced the sadness of setbacks, a development full of sweet and bitterness. AILIA wouldn’t have developed so well without the efforts of all our colleagues and the support of all friends. I hereby, on behalf of AILIA Group, sincerely say: Thank you!

In today’s world, changes occur with each passing day. Facing fierce competition, AILIA people deeply understand that “practice makes perfect” and “success lies in integrity.” As a member of China’s manufacturing system, a fantastic enterprise in the world, we know very well that we have taken the responsibility of providing customers with satisfying services, establishing sound careers for employees and making contribution to society. To this end, we named the enterprise AILIA to express our inner desire — originate from nature, stimulate vitality and return to love. Indeed, to realize the tenet of AILIA of “creating values with an appreciation for society” is to create excellent quality and services with great efforts to win the trust of our customers, realize our value, and thank society for cultivating us with a generous and honest heart.

People who have high aspirations can go far. Looking forward, AILIA has full of confidence and be more aware of the need to grasp all opportunities and welcome a shining tomorrow with a steady pace, in the bright sunshine of this new century.